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Leeks - Jaune De Poitou


For many years I have only grown our Tadorna leek variety, but a few years ago I decided to try "new to me" variety. This led me to experiment with Jaune De Poitou, and heirloom recorded by the French seed house Vilmorin-Andrieux as early as 1856, this rare historic variety is regularly found in the gardens of the Poitou-Charentes region, hence the name. A stunner in the garden with large yellow/green leaves that bend over to touch the ground and long shanks that can reach a diameter of 4 - 6". This easily overwinters for us here in zone 6 and would perform well for gardeners into zone 5 and 4. For those of you living in warmer areas of the country, you can plant these as late at early July for November harvest.

Days to Maturity: 110
Seed per Pack: 100
Germination Rate: 94%

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