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A French Kitchen Garden

A French Kitchen Garden

This years collection of seeds has been put together with five of my favourite varieties for the French Kitchen Garden. They have been selected for the perfect summer, French inspired salads.
Beans, Fin De Bagnol - A bush habit heirloom variety that is tender and straight when picked regularly. Excellent haricot vert type.

Carrots, Royal Chantenay - A short and fat heirloom carrot excellent for clay heavy soils. This variety is our sweetest and crunchiest. It also holds very well in storage. We love this carrot!

Lettuce, Rouge D'Hiver Romaine - Another heirloom, that boasts dark red leaves in a tightly packed romaine type. Also grows well for cut and come again growing.

Melon, Charantaise - a beautiful heirloom cantaloupe with sweet, fragrant flesh. Fruit are approximately the size of a grapefruit with 5 - 10 per vine.

Tomato, Jaune Flamme - A tasty and vibrant tomato about 3" in diameter and bearing in clusters. This dark yellow, almost orange tomato begins its harvest about third week of July and continues until October.
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