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Container Garden

Container Garden

This years collection of seeds has been put together with five of my favourite varieties for a Container Garden. 
Inside you will find the beginning for a container garden to produce a lot of food! These varieties are all well suited to growing in containers as they are shallow rooted and not such heavy feeders.
Varieties in this years collection include:
Beans, Trionfo Violetto - An Italian Heirloom that grows 8ft and taller. Producer of 8 - 10" long purple beans, flavourful and pretty. Production lasts about 2 months.

Green Onions, Evergreen Hardy - A Japanese heirloom, this green onion variety over winters beautifully and if treated properly will behave like a self seeding annual.

Kale, Lacinato - Also known as Dinosaur Kale, this Italian heirloom produces a thick, dark green leaf and can reach 5 ft high.

Lettuce, Rouge D'Hiver - A French heirloom romaine with dark red leaf and sturdy up right habit.

Shelling Pea, Green Arrow - Heavy producing spring shelling pea, this variety produces some of the sweetest peas around. Average 9 peas to a pod. It appreciates a little support as vines can reach up to 3 ft high.
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