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Cucumber Slicing Suyo Long


The Suyo cucumber is an heirloom variety hailing from the northern regions of China. Our research shows this particular variety can be traced back as far as 100 BCE.
The fruit are thin and cylindrical, growing up to 17 inches long. The skin is dark green and thin, with a ridged and knobby texture. These cucumbers do not grow straight and can form interesting shapes, like curlicues, if they are not trellised. The pale green-to-white flesh has a sweet and mild flavor with very little bitterness. It has a nice, crisp texture too!
This cucumber lends itself well to fresh eating as well as recipes such as bread and butter pickles.

This years crop of Suyo Long Cucumbers was grown for us by Kitchen Table Seed House, located on Wolfe Island, Ontario.

Days to Maturity - 65
Seeds Per Pack - 25

Germination Rate: 85%

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