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DIggin' The Roots Garden

DIggin' The Roots Garden

This years collection of seeds has been put together with five of my favourite varieties for the Roots Garden. They have been selected for their flavours and colours to inspire your cooking.
Varieties included in this collection:
Beets, Chioggia - An Italian heirloom that is delicious raw and cooked. Beautiful pink skin with candy can pink and white flesh.

Carrots, Royal Chantenay - A short and fat heirloom carrot excellent for clay heavy soils. This variety is our sweetest and crunchiest. It also holds very well in storage. We love this carrot!

Carrots, Yellow Solar - A French heirloom with long roots up to 10", sweet yellow flesh this variety is excellent both raw and cooked. Excellent in storage.

Radish, Cherrybelle - Originally from Holland, this heirloom was an All American Winner in 1949. An early variety with deep red skin and bright crispy flesh. The hottest radish we grow. Keep an eye on this variety durng heavy rains as it may split from all the water.

Turnip, Golden Globe - A cooking turnip with yellow/gold skin and flesh. Great as a fall crop for winter storage.
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