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Edamame - Sayamusume

Edamame - Sayamusume

We love edamame, and even more so, now that we've grown it. The easiest bean we've ever grown. Plants reach 2 feet tall and produce 2 1/2 - 3" long pods containing 2 - 4 beans. The beans have a lovely, subtle sweetness to them and are great for eating both raw, and cooked. Edamame have a very short harvest period if you're looking to get them when they're at their peak flavour. For this reason, we suggest making 2- 3 successive plantings. Alternately, you can do one planting and freeze a portion of your harvest for a mid-winter garden treat. 
  • Details

    Days to Maturity 85
    Seed per pack: 25 seeds

    Open pollinated, heirloom
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