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Patisson Vert Et Blanc

Patisson Vert Et Blanc

A wonderful patty pan squash that produces right up to the first hard frost. Squash originate in the Americas and were brought back to Europe by early explorers. This variety was was sent to Seed Savers Exchange by member Bruno Defay of France. I have spent the past 2 seasons growing this out and am rather pleased with the results. Fruit are delicious when harvested small, before variegation begins. You can also let them ripen on the plant until they get very hard. The mature fruit make excellent decorations for fall displays. This variety is a sell out at market as well, looking pretty cute in pint containers on your table. Requires daily harvest during peak season.
  • Details

    Days to maturity: 55 - 70
    Seeds Per Pack: 30
    Germination Rate: TBA
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