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The Canning Garden

The Canning Garden

This years collection of seeds has been put together with five of my favourite varieties for pickling, making sauce, and sun dried tomatoes. 
Beets, Detroit Dark Red - An heirloom that is tried and tested. These dark purple beets are great in salads, roasted, or pickled. Lovely sweetness to them.

Cucumbers, Russian Pickling - Another heirloom, these heavy producers are perfect for dill pickles...if you can stop eating them long enough to make a batch!

Dill, Bouquet - Tasty, productive dill plant that self seeds on our area. We use the young greens for recipes calling for fresh dill. Large flower heads are great for pickling.

Tomato, Amish Paste - In my opinion, the best roma type sauce tomato around. An American heirloom boasting heavy production. These tomatoes are also very good in salad.

Tomato, Principe Borghese - Grown specifically for sun drying, we usually use our oven or dehydrator and then store them in mason jars. A great grape tomato for salads, these make for sweet snacks in the winter when dried. Heavy production on small(ish) plants.
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