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Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

This years collection of seeds has been put together with five of my favourite varieties for a Vertical Garden. 
Inside you will find the beginning for a small space to produce a lot of food! One of the best ways to take full advantage of a small space is by growing up!
Varieties in this years collection include:
Cucumber, Russian Pickling - You can pickle this one or eat it fresh! Growing up to 8ft long this variety produces lots of small seeded, slightly sweet fruit.

Kale, Red Russian - A sturdy and upright plant that produces leaves almost year round.

Nasturtiums, Climbing - Reaching up to 8ft, these edible flowers come in an array of colour from red to peach.

Sugar Snap Peas - They're soooo good!!! Up to 7 ft tall with heavy production.

Tomato, Peacvine - A sprawling cherry tomato that keeps producing until the bitter end. Red Cherries are sweet and no too thick skinned.
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