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An Italian Kitchen Garden SOLD OUT

An Italian Kitchen Garden SOLD OUT

This collection of seeds has been put together with five of my favourite varieties for an Italian Kitchen Garden. 
Inside you will find the beginning for a great summer salad, tomato sauce, paste, pesto, and more.
Varieties in this year collection include:
Arugula, arugula! Harvest as baby greens within a month or wait for more mature leaves. Can be sown from early spring to early fall. Spicy!

Genovese Basil, an heirloom variety grown specifically for pesto, this basil is also great in sauces.

Rossa Di Milano Onion, a lovely heirloom variety that produces reliably and stores well. My favourite red onion to have on hand.

Rapini, a bitter cooking green that makes a great pairing with garlic and olive oil. This member of the brassica(broccoli, cauliflower, kale) family grows well during the cool spring and fall season. Can be harvested as a baby green or at maturity when florets appear.

Rosso Sicilian Stuffing Tomato, an excellent cooking tomato, this variety produces and abundance of red, multi lobed fruit that gives it the look fo a flower. Hollow inside with thick walls, cooks into a very nice paste.
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