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Garden Design, Crop Planning, and More

Garden Design, Crop Planning, and More


Dates To Be Announced

12:00 – 3:00 pm



This months 3 hour workshop will focus primarily on designing your garden space and crop plan for a 3 year rotation.

To finish the day, we will look at seed starting for early varieties, perennial herb propagation and forcing.


Topics covered:

Garden plan

Crop planning

Starting Seeds – Onions, pepper seeds, woody perennials

Perennial propagation and forcing


What to Bring:


Pencils and eraser

Pictures and details of your space/property.

A wish list of your garden crops.

A hat. This workshop takes place in our greenhouse and it can get pretty bright in there.

Water and a snack.


Workshop Description

In this months workshop we will focus on garden design and crop planning. While these may sound like they are the same thing, they are actually very different tasks. When we design our gardens, we are thinking about placement of the garden in relation to the other aspects of our property. We will discuss solutions around availability of space, access to direct sunlight, irrigation choices, raised beds versus in ground gardens, soil conditions, and more.

Once we have decided the location, size, and manageability of our gardens, then we can begin to explore which crops we want to grow. This is when we work on our crop plans. Participants will learn how to create a crop plan that lets you grow what you like while maintaining and increasing your soil health so that you have a healthier garden over a longer period of time. We will learn about ally and companion planting, choosing the right crops to follow each other, spacing, and more.

To finish off the day, we will have a brief discussion about perennial propagation without seeds, forcing plants, and seed starting for woody perennials, onions, and hot peppers. This last portion of the day is very specific to the varieties that we work with at the farm.


By the end of this months workshop attendees should have the confidence to use the tools you have learned to design your own gardens and create your own crop plans. You will have a better understanding of how to propagate plants that require splitting and forcing. You will also learn some of my tricks to get my hot peppers going early as well as how to manage those hard to maintain herbs for spring time planting.

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