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Hot Pepper Extravaganza

Hot Pepper Extravaganza


This collection includes 5 of our hot pepper varieties and it will take you from a mild heat right up to “burn your face off” spiciness. Every plant in this selection is prolific in its production, allowing you to use the fruit for fresh applications, as well as hot sauces and string drying.

Black Hungarian - A mildly hot pepper with nice flavour, this heirloom from Hungary is also a beautiful addition to the garden. Purple stalks produce dark green leaves and purple flowers on 36" tall plants. A prolific producer, the fruit reaches 3 - 4" long, striking dark purple that looks black, giving fruit well into the fall. A staple in our garden for years.
Days to maturity: 70 - 80
Seeds per pack: 25

Chocolate Habanero - Fragrant and spicy! These tall plants produce beautiful, dark chocolate coloured fruit that ripen as we walk into autumn.  Excellent for making pepper sauce.
Days to maturity: 95 - 110
Seeds per pack: 25

Joe's Long Cayenne – A classic pepper for red chili flakes, this 8 – 12” slim, hot red pepper is produced on 3 ft plants.
Days to Maturity: 70
Seed per Pack: 25

Peach Habanero - A beautiful hot pepper that ripens to a pinky peach colour. Great for fresh hot sauce. Squat plants with a broad spread. Reliable production.
Days To Maturity: 85 - 100
Seeds Per Pack: 25

Scotch Bonnet - Squat, yellow fruit that come in clusters on bushy plants. This pepper needs a long season to mature, I don't usually harvest these until the late days of September here in Southern Ontario. This pepper has a lot of heat, but also great flavour with fruity undertones.
Days to Maturity: 90
Seeds Per Pack: 25

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