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Paste - Piennolo Del Vesuvio

Paste - Piennolo Del Vesuvio


Dating back to c.1857 and quiet possibly even earlier, this incredibly flavoured little tomato hails from Campania, the vicinity of ancient Pompeii – the volcanic region of the Monte Somma and Vesuviano peaks in the municipality of Nola in the province of Naples. The plum shaped fruit have a pointed tip and remain on the plant long after ripening. This makes them primary candidates for storage. Simply clip the full clusters and hang them together to store. They can keep this way for up to 7 months! Not that they would last that long in my kitchen. When they are in season I often choose them over many of our other varieties for tomato sandwich, or just to snack on all by themselves.

Days to maturity: 65 -70
Seeds per pack: 25 seeds
Germination Rate: 97%

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