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Peas - Shelling - Green Arrow

Peas - Shelling - Green Arrow

One of the most excitng times of the year is when the fresh shelling peas are ready for harvest. This heirloom variety hails from England and boasts easy to shell pods containing up to 10 sweet peas in each. Every year I try to freeze a few quarts, so that I can have that fresh summer taste in the middle of January. The pea shoots are also very tasty. They have become so popular with our CSA members that I know grow a bed for peas, a bed for pea shoots, and a bed for seed production. This pea is excellent for freezing and canning. Plants can reach up to 3 feet tall, so a small trellis is recommended. Long harvest period for a determinate plant as well. A great variety for home and market gardener alike.
  • Details

    Days to maturity: 75
    Seeds per pack: 30
    Germination Rate: 97%

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