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Seed Saving - Zoom Class

Seed Saving - Zoom Class


Dates To Be Announced

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Zoom Class



Topics Covered

Seed Saving

Mid Season Planting

Garden Maintenance


Mechanical isolation for Seed Saving

Pest Managment


Workshop Description

With July's workshop we will begin the sessions in which seed saving becomes the primary focus. If you are interested in seed production, the workshops we offer for the rest of the year will give you an excellent jumping off point in your work as a seed keeper. 

This months workshop is full of information to help you determine which species are best for you to save seed from in your space, choose and build the right support structures for your plants, and learn to include things such as low tunnels, row covers, and other isolation/pest management techniques(They can be one in the same!).

We will also spend time discussing mid season cropping for fall harvests, pest managment, weed suppression, trellis options, and feeding your garden.

This months workshop is 3 hrs.

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