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Starting Your Seeds Indoors

Starting Your Seeds Indoors


Dates To Be Announced

12:00 – 3:00 pm



This months 3 hour workshop will focus primarily on seed starting indoors. 


Topics covered:

Tools and equipment

Indoor/greenhouse planting schedules

Growing mediums and amendments

Starting Seeds – Annual flowers and herbs, tomatoes, greens. 

Perennial propagation and forcing

Planting for seed saving - An Introduction


What to Bring:


Pencils and eraser



Gloves (We will be getting our hands dirty!)

A hat. This workshop takes place in our greenhouse and it can get pretty bright in there.

Water and a snack.


Workshop Description

In this months workshop we will focus on indoor seed starting. Beginning with tools and equipment, and finishing our topic with species specific planting requirements, participants will learn how to successfully start early crops like tomatoes, peppers, basil, flowers, chard, lettuce and more.

After discussing various tools needed we will dive into our planning portion. We will learn how to build a comprehensive spreadsheet laying out planting dates and quantities for any variety. 

During the second half of the workshop we will discuss growing mediums and amendments for your seedlings. We will also be getting our hands dirty as participants will have a chance to plant a few seeds as well as learn how to propogate plants that spread via runner roots.

To finish the day off I will briefly discuss the beginnings of seed saving. Tomatoes, and some of the other plants discussed during this workshop, are excellent species for anyone wanting to start their own seed saving. I will talk about how we can begin to incorporate this into the garden even at the early stages of March seed starting.

By the end of this months workshop attendees should have: 

The confidence to use the tools you have learned to start your own seeds indoors.

A better understanding of how to propagate plants that require splitting and forcing.

The beginnings of learning to save your own seeds.

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