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The Spring Garden

The Spring Garden

This years collection of seeds has been put together with five of my favourite varieties for the Spring Garden. They have been selected for their cold hardiness and fresh flavours. These can all be planted as early as the first week in our area(zone 6) and can be grown for winter crops if you're into season extension!
Varieties included in this collection:
Arugula - This easy to grow Arugula can be harvest as baby leaf or left to grow to maturity. Excellent for cut and come again growing. Sow seeds every 3 weeks for early spring for continuous harvest.

Kale, Red Russian - Heirloom variety, will give harvest into January if protected. A sturdy and upright plant that produces leaves almost year round.

Shelling Pea, Green Arrow - Heavy producing spring shelling pea, this variety produces some of the sweetest peas around. Average 9 peas to a pod. It appreciates a little support as vines can reach up to 3 ft high.

Radish, French Breakfast - A pretty French heirloom the mature within 30 days. Lesh is red and white,crisp, with just a hint of radish spice.

Spinach, Long Standing Bloomsdale - Another heirloom, introduced to catalogues in the US c. 1908. It iso now one of the most popular varieties around. Glossy dark green leaves hold a lovely nutty flavour even in the warmer months.

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